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4. Now that you’ve had this professional development experience, how do you see your leadership role further impacting your work environment?
World Champion Boxer Mike Tyson once said something to the effect, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." I have some fear that the punch in the face is the inevitable tugs in so many directions that begin once the school year begins. This is a fear that the project may not get the boost it deserves; however, my intuition tells me that there are more willing partners to help bring more PD to the staff. I feel the more that I make the case with the "force magnifier" concept, I will receive more support to pursue the project. The "Lego Bricks" metaphor from the HOW portion of my Management Plan lay out the case that so many parties within the school and community will see benefits. Since the motives for a project like this are not for status…

Final Project for EDC 534 Spring 2019- WeGo Places Podcast

As of May 9:
3 recorded2 more recorded waiting to be edited5 scheduled on the Calendly app

Here is the link to the current launch page for podcast. I am not crazy about the aesthetic of this blog but with time I might be able to secure some funding to migrate the blog/ podcast to one with better options for organization and design appeal.

References to articles/ podcast in Spark presentation:
Telling Stories: An Interview with George Gerbner
Art of Charm Podcast Interview with Robert Cialdini-Pre-suasion

Leap #2- Hooks in the Water

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EDC 534 LEAP #1- Dream On!

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Why do you think some see literacy as singular and others as plural?Last week's Lankshear reading cites Gee as "literacies are bound up in social, institutional, and cultural relationships, and can only be understood when they are situated in their social, cultural, and historical contexts." (12) As an educational policy maker charged with creating consistent and readily quantifiable data, a preference for a singular literacy would naturally create only the types of assessments based on expediency and economic viability. Perhaps singular literacy provides an illusion of control when so many new texts are simply flooding the traditional educational space.  Cling to what they know.  Why would they not when data like this from Coiro's Colombia talk affirms the initial lack of correlation between the offline/ online texts.  Now throw the compounding multiplicity of Hartman's six interacting elements into the mix. The path to leas…

LEAP~ Sherry Turkle

Screencastify~ Profile Video
Sherry Turkle~CV from MIT

                                                  Connected, but Alone 2012 TED Talk

Talks at Google: Reclaiming the Conversation

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Cool Tool Review #1~Read&Write for Google Chrome

Cool Tool~ Read&Write for Google Chrome

Critical Review:

General Description:Read&Write for Google Chrome is an app available in the Chrome store.  There are many solid features to this app to assist in fluency and vocabulary acquisition to ride along a text while reading a text on the Chrome Browser.  Text augmentation via definitions, illustrations, narrations, and text highlights are some of the helpful features.

Tool Features:  This particular feature of R&W is the Collect Highlight.  The reader is able to highlight text in 4 different colors (yellow, green. blue, and pink) and export the text into a new Google doc.  With the proper framing of target words during a reading of a text, word patterns and author strategy and style can emerge easier through this tool.

Affordances: Cited by Castek, the study of Fadel and Lemke observes that, "there is support for the direct manipulation of materials, especially when the learning is complex."  By color banding and expo…